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Let’s move on from theory to practice and look at an opportunity to earn by applying the “Against the Win Series” strategy. For example, team A has not lost six straight league games. This is not a bad result, because given the serious competition, it is quite realistic to predict the defeat of the club in future matches. To do this, we have to go to a quality statistics website, pay attention to the results and how difficult the series wins have been. Next, we look at the future calendar to see where Team A can realistically lose. The first two opponents are underdogs, and the third is a stronger team from the top 5 of the table. Logically, it should be in the third game that Team A should be defeated.

However, it’s not that simple


If the match against a stronger opponent is crucial, the series can continue, at least with a draw. It is also worth to pay special attention to the situation in the table, because sometimes the underdogs are in a desperate struggle for survival and can play hard to avoid relegation. According to the example, the series is broken in a match against a strong team, though of course it would be more profitable for the bettor to earn on a loss against an underdog. In the end, the cost of all bets was $700, while the winnings amounted to $1,040. We have a net profit of $340.

Of course, the example is very simple, but clearly shows that it is still possible to win. But once again, note that everything is only available when using careful analysis of past results and future games. You shouldn’t think that if you’ve got a winning streak, you’ll end up losing the next game or one game later. It is better to calculate it thoroughly, and use the overtake to increase your chances of winning. There are also exceptions, when a team doesn’t lose for a very long time, which can lead to a bankroll drain. Therefore it is not advisable to bet on more than 5 games. In any case, it is better to additionally calculate your own losses, so it does not turn out that you have already lost a lot, and the potential winnings will not bring the necessary joy and good profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of the strategy

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Before highlighting the main pros and cons, there is one more metric to consider – the pro’s predictions. Often bettors trust experienced bookmakers who can work for the betting companies. It is very profitable for a betting company, because the odds are not perfect and a player is liable to lose a tidy sum on one series of such predictions.

That is why we recommend to make bets independently, using different statistics, which are abundant on different websites now. The advantages of this strategy are as follows:

  • Is used on absolutely any sport that bettors like;
  • It is possible to use any team for betting;
  • If you analyze and choose the right club/tournament/championship, you lose less often than you win;
  • It is acceptable to use “soft catch-up”, increasing the amount not by a factor of 2, but according to the bettor’s wishes.

In some cases you don’t even have to do much analysis, just pay attention to the news. If the leader just before the match loses a few star players and plays against an underdog, the bookmaker company may not have time to react by lowering the odds. Of course this will only happen if there are no slips. So you can bet on the underdog’s victory without any catch-up, and be in the black at once. Naturally, if the weaker team is really able to beat the favourite.

There are also disadvantages:

  • It is acceptable to use on any tournaments, but it is not recommended to use in little-known ones, because the true strength to calculate only by statistics is not always realistic;
  • Chess is a rather risky strategy by itself, but any other strategy would be even riskier;
  • The inconsistency of the strategy is proved by probability theory, as the odds are 50 to 50.

Also a significant disadvantage is considered to be the fact that the winning odds will be small, so a lot of time spent on analysis will be used in vain. It is quite possible that the bettor will come across a team that does not lose for a long time or the season as a whole.

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