It’s not uncommon and it’s based on a very interesting idea – if someone has been without a result for a long time, they will try to change in order to achieve it. Situations are different and no matter how strong a club/athlete is, sooner or later their winning/loss streak will come to an end. But we cannot say that for sure, because in many championships and tournaments teams manage not to lose absolutely all matches of the season, showing a perfect game and statistics.

An important nuance that discourages bettors is that you have to look at the long term, as you have to analyse and complete the cycle of certain clubs or players. To answer the question in the title, the strategy in question is considered a rather good and effective one. There are plenty of options to bet, and if you find clubs that are favoured against others in the tournament, you’ll make your prediction even more pleasant. The same goes for team sports, but it’s easier to analyse for singles.

It’s a kind of a win-win bet, if the team has the better facilities, squad and everything else. Of course the odds can be very low, but the current spread of many bookmakers, allows you to choose good solutions for any match. Therefore the strategy in question definitely makes sense, it has plenty of advantages, but there are also disadvantages.


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The most important advantage is that the tactic is relevant for absolutely all sports. That’s why it’s easy for every bettor to choose from an abundance of different tournaments at every level. It’s easy to see that nearly every championship has favourites and underdogs. Therefore, it’s easy to take advantage of this state of affairs.

Statistics show that no matter how good the leader is, mistakes still happen, and quite often.

It is related to the following basic error factors


Despite experience, skill and professionalism, athletes are not robots. To remedy this, many teams are trying to get more and better players. But if we consider single sports, it’s obvious that it doesn’t work here.

Lack of concentration and underestimation of the opponent

When a series starts the team might overestimate its strength and play it cool and lazy. Lack of motivation plays a very important role. Some clubs are so confident that they don’t want to play at their full strength against underdogs, often resulting in losing points and interrupting winning streaks.

Too many injuries or disqualifications

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This factor always affects any series, and should be considered by any bettor for competent forecasting. Clearly, if a leader or at least a few key players are missing, then the pattern of play will already change significantly. In singles sports, a high level of tournament play can force an athlete to go all the way, which is why most play with injuries.

Poor atmosphere within the team

Even the most cohesive teams are not always in a good mood. Especially when a losing streak drags on and everyone wants to talk, blame others and even deal with the situation.

Be that as it may, every team faces different problems throughout the season. You just have to guess at what point a good or bad streak is interrupted to make more money. The process is similar to business – with proper analysis and a quality approach to business you can be successful. Guessing is not an option, as it is far from being a good decision to take advantage of.

When a team is winning all the time, you can bet on all the following games until the favourite loses. Accordingly, it is easy to lose a lot of money this way and you will need a sizeable bankroll. But there is still an effect, but there is a lot to think about and consider. Betting against a losing streak looks similar. It is easy to understand that you will have to bet on underdogs who are going through a bad time. But the giants can also play not the best, so it is necessary to catch the moment when the negative results will change into positive ones. During this time, the odds are great and the risks are minimal.

Consider the variants, in which a long winning streak is possible:

  • the team/athlete is in top form;
  • the motivation is at the limit;
  • There are ideal financial possibilities to make the right squad.

What leads to consistent defeats is all of the above list, but on the flip side. If a team is not in the best financial situation, plays poorly, but finds a great sponsor, who is interested in better results, the situation can change dramatically. It is important to keep such aspects in mind, in order to apply the strategy in the best possible way. The main nuance is to always search and analyse the news, in order to focus on long term profits.

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